Cloud computing is the most sophisticated internet computing that allows you to store the data and access it from any remote device with a simple user interface. Cloud computing is also known as on demand computing. Multiple users usually share cloud resources and many users can access single server to update their data at a single point of time. There is no need to purchase licenses for different applications.

Cloud computing being agile, scalable, and virtual and apart providing enhanced performance with little maintenance, this enhanced the possibilities of cloud implementation by all company sizes in the market. It became an unmatched platform because of its ability to host numerous applications on a single platform. The cloud computing certainly creates an impact on the business efficiency by improving the storage capacity and the performance.

We at Pantar provide:

Architectural Design

There are various design patterns, which are useful in cloud host applications. Every pattern has common format, which include the context and problem. Cloud computing security architecture is based on the principles of cloud computing security.

Security and Infrastructure for Cloud

Now a day, for every user security is an important concern. Cloud computing architecture manages the application and the hardware on which they run.

On-Premise and Cloud

This software is installed on computers of the organization. This software also refers to as at shrink-wrap software. There is also a conflict as the name “On-Premise” to be its correct synonym “On-Premises”.

MuleSoft ESB

MuleSoft ESB is java based enterprise service bus. It main advantage is that it provides different applications to communicate with each other.


TIBCO active matrix is a platform for composite business process management. It is based on tuple space concept.


It was enterprise software, which is based on application integration. The founder of the company was Phillip Merrick.


SAP cloud for customer is a nice, mature and better solution than its predecessor. It can be seen as a combination of browser based Silverlight UI, set of rich mobile apps for iOS and android.


SalesForce is a cloud computing company which tries capitalizing on commercial applications. It is founded by Marc Benioff, Parker Harris, Dave Moellenhoff and Frank Dominguez.


It is an American software company that sells a group of software services. We can access these services over internet.

Success Factors

Success Factor went public on the NADAQ global market under SFSF. It has successfully completed to take step towards NYSE.

What We Offer

Managed Cloud Services

Pantar Solutions managed cloud services handle the maintenance and administration of cloud servers running on any public/private cloud platform. Our team of cloud architects, systems administrators, and engineers monitor and respond to issues 24/7. With our managed cloud services, our customers can be rest assured that their cloud applications are in safe-hands allowing them to focus on their business, rather than worrying about day-to-day management of the apps.

DevOps in Cloud

Pantar Solutions helps customers tackle devops challenges by identifying the obvious bottlenecks in processes and technologies and in implementing a seamless, less disruptive devops framework. Our devops framework is cloud ready and helps customers achieve the true potential and benefits of cloud computing.

DevOps is the shared cultural approach between developers and operations personnel in releasing a product or a piece of code. It is based on agile development principles for both dev and ops by pushing continuous engineering and deployment. The devops approach focuses on addressing challenges such as release backlogs, silo’ed teams, dev team deploying changes to production, ops not being involved in release management, and support push-backs. Other challenges include undefined support boundaries, lack of efficient automation, longer release cycles, and lost opportunities for business.

Hosted Privated Cloud

Pantar Solutions provides hosted private cloud solutions for customers who need to comply with stringent regulations, which prevent them from leveraging public cloud solutions. We offer VMware, Hyper-V, as well as OpenStack based fully isolated agile infrastructure. Our managed services provide the end-to-end support for the hosted private cloud using global network operations centers.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud is the practical or realistic approach when organizations who can’t move everything to public Cloud. Latency, regulatory or availability requirements of certain business apps might prevent them moving to the public cloud platform. However, some components of the entire stack could be hosted in public cloud for its benefits. Critical components can still stay in-house. In this scenario, hybrid is the way to go.

A cloud management platform (CMP) is essential to manage and govern a hybrid infrastructure effectively. CMPs enable self-service requests and automated delivery. Pantar’s customers can provision applications either in private or on public platforms and manage them under single support and governance framework.

Disaster Recovery

With our deep technology expertise, Pantar Solutions can enable customers to identify and implement the right strategy for their disaster recovery programs.  Loss of productivity or service unavailability even for an hour or a few minutes can have huge financial implications today. Service availability is as critical as data availability.

Whenever disaster renders entire IT systems inoperable, organizations relying on traditional tape backup are likely to face an uphill battle. Mere availability of ‘data’ will not help them quickly get back to normal. Turning services back on could take days or even weeks. We help organizations achieve better RPO and RTO objectives with lesser capex than ever before with new-age replication and snapshot technologies and with cloud-based solutions.

Cloud Migration

Pantar Solutions helps customers save significant cost through portfolio rationalization and moving some of their workloads to cloud platforms. Picking one application and evaluating its cloud portability is not especially difficult. If there are no fundamental changes to the architecture, the only prerequisite is to assess the security and compliance requirements and then ‘lift and shift’ to the cloud.

However, things are not that straightforward when enterprises are on the verge of a radical IT transformation and are potentially undergoing an enterprise level portfolio rationalization exercise to consolidate the IT assets. We use a holistic approach to evaluate the cloud readiness of the business applications. We use analytical methods to rate the application fitment for the Cloud. Our methodology touches all the aspects of the right candidature—technology, risks, and business viability.

Our Cloud Migration Assessment of the enterprise apps portfolio provides our customers with structured information and clear-cut strategy for their cloud adoption. Once the assessment is done, our cloud certified expert engineers help design the right architecture for the application being moved to Cloud. High availability, scalability, integration, and security are of utmost importance when apps are moved to the Cloud. Our team ensures that the customers get to do the right things right, the first time, every time.

Other Cloud Services

Cloud Management Services

Pantar Inc's Cloud Management Services help organizations achieve greater operational agility, better IT governance and tighter integration of components

Cloud Software Services

Cloud Software Services—covers the entire range of critical business processes in the SaaS space.

Cloud Application Services

Pantar Inc’s Cloud Application Services help you move to the cloud seamlessly whether you're migrating an off-the-shelf package or developing a new application from scratch.

Cloud Infrastructure Services

Pantar Solution Inc’s Cloud Infrastructure Services support planning, building and managing cloud environments with a portfolio of flexible choices.

Cloud Strategy and Consulting

Pantar Solution Inc’s Cloud Strategy and Consulting Services help our clients accelerate their journey to the cloud, transform IT and reduce operational costs.

Cloud Technologies that Pantar handle

Industry Solutions

Leverage our Industry Expertise


Our Banking Services has the robust capabilities to understand needs of Financial Services and provide end to end solutions with finesse.


Cloud Computing is changing the way we communicate! Cost Management, Disaster Recovery, Mobility, Quality of Service is what we vouch for.

Consumer goods

Benefit with our Hyper Personalized Offerings. Know how to make consumer enjoy in store experience and you achieve best ROI through better sales.

Energy Utilities

Our rich experience in Energy Utility verticals will prove to be a best deal for you.


Our streamlined and efficient approach with customer centricity is the need of Health Care sector

Information Services

Our Information services includes right focus on data accuracy, with in depth market research and detailed analytics


Tailor made solutions for Insurance Sector, well developed by us to suit your needs.

Life Sciences

With Industrialization emerging in Life Sciences, like any other industry, with innovation being central component, it is mandatory for organizations for process reinvention and implement proven tools


Solutions for logistics service providers including smart yard management, dynamic route planning and analytics


Strive to deliver state of the art services and offer wide spectrum of excellent services in batch optimization and further help in business analytics


Providing best structure to implement the way media & entertainment companies, benefit from across the globe companies


Essence lies in paving the path that is more connected, satisfactory, and to provide user experience for customer. Idea is to achieve customer delight through best services


To be able to set an eco system to help everyone connect and be swift in providing solutions

Travel and hospitality

Consulting solutions are designed by experts, using technological advancements that Tracel & Hospitality sector comes across.

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