Unique T&D Model

We offer a range of project terms to meet your changing demands, ranging from the traditional Fixed Cost and Time & Material model to Incremental Delivery and Capped Time & Material.

Incremential Delivery Model

Pantar Solutions Inc’s Incremental Delivery approach offers total transparency to customer and flexible inspection points throughout project life cycle.

Fixed Cost Engagement Model

Our Fixed Cost model will calculate your risk and define measurable, attainable goals for stress free rapid application development & delivery.

Resource Augmented Engagement Model

CanusIT Solutions Inc uses a flexible blend of our engagement, execution and delivery models over a contemporary technology services stack.


Pantar Solutions Inc offers risk sharing thorough Capped Time and Material that meets client expectations far better than any other Engagement mode

Partnership Engagement Model

Pantar Solutions Inc makes it possible to engage in long term, true partnership relations with customers based on flexible engagement models